Pilates for pregnancy

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Pilates for pregnancy

Pilates offers space to focus on yourself and to prepare for motherhood, it is relaxing!
You can develop relaxation skills, breathing, and control which will prove invaluable during all stages of pregnancy and the first stages of motherhood. 

Helping to improve your posture enables more room for your baby to grow, and can avoid putting extra pressure on your joints.

After the birth, Pilates can provide a gentle form of exercise to help get your body back in shape. 

Clients say...

I began group lessons with Amanda in 2014, after the birth of my first child. It surprised me how quickly my pelvic floor and abdominals started to feel normal again after a heavy baby and forceps delivery. Amanda tailored the movements to suit me post-natally and was supportive and full of information with regard to any questions I had.

Due to the support given I attended lessons throughout my second pregnancy in 2016. Amanda again tailored movements to my ability at each point and I feel that continuing Pilates during pregnancy helped keep my pelvic floor, abdominals, and posture 'in shape' for an easier recovery after the second baby. The first lesson back after the birth I couldn't feel my pelvic floor at all but it has improved weekly.  

Amanda is full of information, experienced, and knowledgeable but she also makes the lessons enjoyable and it is obvious that she has a passion for Pilates. 

Mel, Norfolk

Benefits of Pregnancy Pilates

Helping to stay healthy, you can benefit from this gentle exercise to keep your joints well aligned, and maintain good levels of mobility.

We use breathing techniques to coordinate movements, helping you to relax, while the range of safe movements mobilises and releases tension.

If you are pregnant or trying for a baby and would like to learn Pilates, then call Amanda directly to discuss your individual circumstances.
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